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Full Members Voting

            Individuals                                                    $50/yr


                        Small Business   1-10 employees     $100/yr (allowed one representative)
                        Medium              11-24 employees   $200/yr (allowed two representatives)*
                        Large                   25+ employees     $300/yr (allowed four representatives)*

Associate Members/Additional Corporate Person Non Voting

            *Each additional Corporate person after the allowed in each category is $35/yr

 Affiliate Members Non Voting                             $100/yr

            Chambers of Commerce, Public Organizations, etc.
            Taken on a case by case basis and approved by the Board of Directors

 Invited Special Guests Non voting                        No dues

            Elected Officials

            News Media

            Others, from time to time, as determined by the Chairman of the Board

Download the 2015 Renewal Letter (pdf document)

Download application form (.pdf document)   
Mail to:  Eastside Transportation Association
              P.O. Box 50621
              Bellevue, WA 98015

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Annual Membership Dues

Note: The Officers and Board of the ETA encourage every member to participate in our activities, but the level of involvement is up to each member. The only obligation of ETA Membership is the prompt payment of Annual Dues.


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