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Washington Policy Center, transportation publications Think tank with a free-market orientation, focused on Washington State.
Cascadia Center for Regional Development Part of Discovery Institute think tank; focuses on long-term transportation governance improvements in the central Puget Sound region.

Puget Sound Public Interest Transportation Forum

Critical examination by civic activists of Sound Transit light rail and commuter railroad projects.
Transportation Choices Coalition Education and advocacy association seeking more opportunities for travelers to take a bus or train, ride a bike, or walk, as well as drive -- but with seemingly little regard for cost-effectiveness in government investments.
Washington REALTORS® Quality of Life initiative Aimed at demonstrating Washington State's failure to accommodate growth as the underlying cause driving increased traffic congestion, sprawl, and lack of home choices affordable to working families.

Reason Foundation, Mobility Project

Think tank initiative to develop and implement a framework for removing congestion as an obstacle to mobility in American cities.
American Dream Coalition Nationwide association that considers so-called "smart growth" to be a threat to mobility, affordable housing, and freedom in the United States.
Innovation Briefs Newsletter from transportation expert Ken Orski at Urban Mobility Corporation in Washington, DC
WSDOT real-time traffic monitoring on regional freeways
Live video feed from WSDOT
City of Bellevue, real-time traffic monitoring on city arterials, with access to video cameras
Picture from City of Bellevue
King County Metro Transit Trip Planner Enter address of origin and address of destination, and this site tells you what bus offers the journey.

WSDOT SR-520 page

Focus on the most northerly of the two floating bridges across Lake Washington.
WSDOT I-90 page Focus on the newest of the two floating bridges.
WSDOT I-405 page
Picture from WSDOT
Sound Transit Progress Reports Unusually candid reports on the progress of Sound Transit are posted here quarterly.
Washington Traffic Institute A partnership for freedom of mobility.
City of Bellevue Downtown Transportation Plan Update Transportation Commission Recommendation, October 2013
Stop 405 Tolls The Petition driven effort to stop the Express Toll Lanes on I-405
Smarter Transit An all-volunteer, pro-transit, non-partisan, non-profit citizens’ organization

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